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Daniela Buitrago

I love to design thoughtful, beautiful and functional content that sparks joy and surprise in both digital and print formats.

"Daniela was incredible to work with on this project! As we aimed to design and print our inaugural issue in under 6 weeks, Daniela was incredibly responsive and had an amazing attention for detail. She was able to grasp our brand and direction and scale it to the outcome of our entire magazine with very little direction. The iterations we received back from her were consistently not only what we had in mind, but better than we could have expected. With such a tight timeline it can be a big decision to outsource creative, but I couldn't have been more thankful that we had the opportunity to work with Daniela on this project and have her bring this to life in a way we couldn't have imagined."

Danielle Giroux

creative director

"Daniela's contribution to Tickit Health were way beyond the astonishing beauty of her creations on design and visual identity we are now so proud of. With her hard work, kindness and work ethics, she was key to our company culture and become a great example of what we consider a reference and standard for talent. During those years working together, we saw her transition from a freshly new graduate to a proficient and mature professional, capable of handling a great deal of responsibility and delivering not only individual results but getting everyone together for a common goal. I wouldn't hesitate in bringing Daniela in for ambitions and critical projects."

John Simoes

senior software engineer

"I found Daniela after many months of searching for the right person to help me with my branding overhaul. She is brilliant. I do not say this lightly. She made the effort to set aside any preconceptions she may have had about what I do, and took the time to really understand what is unique about my business and my approach. The result is a coherent brand strategy with an incredibly strong visual language infused with meaning and personality, with loving attention paid to all details. Everything about Daniela’s approach is first class. Working with her is a true collaboration. She took any suggestions or ideas that I had and immediately made them far better than I had dared to hope."

Natasha Knox

financial planner

"Daniela worked with our department on the annual student journal of critical essays, artist profiles, and exhibition reviews. She came up with an entirely new creative concept for the journal that, through its structure of differing page sizes and paper stocks, cleverly revealed the information hierarchy within it, as each type of content received a distinct treatment. Hand-assembled in a short print run, Daniela’s design was a nod to limited edition artists’ books, and entirely appropriate to the spirit of the publication. Creative, detailed oriented, and a pragmatic project manager, Daniela was a tremendous asset in this important annual project."

Greg Gibson

undergraduate advisor AT UBC

"We had a great experience working with Daniela. She took the time to really understand the core values of our business, our DNA and the vision we had. Besides doing a phenomenal job on our branding, she gave us great advice and suggestions that we use on a daily basis. BienParida is a project we are very passionate about, so we were extremely happy to work with someone that treated this project as it were her own. Would highly recommend working with Oh Manova."

Manuela Montañez

Founder, Bien parida